How to finance property development?

Whether you are a landlord, investor or property developer, it is possible to access financing to help you realise your dreams. There are different property development finance options, depending on the type of property you are dealing with. They include the following:

Commercial Mortgages

This is an option you can use for financing property development such as warehouses, offices, and shops. As long as you are not thinking of developing a private residential property, this option will work for you.

If you wish to buy the premises in which you are currently operating your business, all you have to do is make an application. Say, you own a retail shop in rented premises. If the owner of the building is selling, you stand a high chance of buying it.

Auction Finance

If you are buying a property that is being offered in an auction, you can approach the lenders who finance the purchase of such properties. Of course, you will be required to attend the auction. After your bid has emerged the winner, you will be given a grace period within which to make the payment. That’s when you will have to apply for property development finance.

No matter how you intend to buy the property, it is always good to talk to a lender for options. Whenever you need help, we are here for you.

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